The TripleAconsult team has been specialising in Fire Safety and Building Usage since 2003, delivering Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning (PEEPs), Fire Risk Assessments, Access Assessments and associated training.

A proactive approach and creative techniques result in innovative solutions for complex workplace environments to enable enterprises to demonstrate a responsible and reasonable approach to employees and residents alike.  

Our new development, PortillonTM is an innovative Cloud-based database-driven platform to provide end-to-end control of building management compliance. PortillonTM will provide an immutable data audit trail of actions demonstrating due diligence in complying with regulatory requirements. It also provides a cost-effective method for delivering the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Phase 1 Inquiry in relation to the evacuation planning for vulnerable and disabled people.

Multiple applications and eLearning courses will be hosted with the first stage applications being Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs), Fire Risk Assessments and Access Assessments. The PEEPs for Professionals eLearning course focuses on how to develop Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs).

If you are interested in being involved, whether as an individual or as an organisation, visit our investors page.