Offices may be closing, although day-to-day duties and responsibilities are continuing as normal. Face-to-face seminars and instructor led training might have been cancelled for the time being but that doesn’t mean staff can’t remain up-to-date with their training schedule.

Even without the current pandemic conditions, the attendance at instructor-led training is problematic for many organisations, such as education, as it involves staff being absent from their place of work.

TripleAconsult is now taking the initiative by converting our two-day, instructor-led PEEPs for Professionals training course into six hours of gold-standard e-learning (anytime, anyplace). 
Smart, simple and social, TripleAconsult eLearning technology makes life simple for everyone; learner, managers and administrators. TripleAconsult eLearning consists of interactive learning, animations, activities, group discussions, the awarding of CDP points and  accreditation by relevant organisations.