The lack of up-to-date PEEPs leaves vulnerable and disabled people at risk in the event of an emergency. The lack of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) puts at risk, on a daily basis, disabled people and Fire and Rescue Service professionals when attempting rescues in dangerous situations, made worse by the lack of proper plans and evacuation strategies. Those responsible for fire safety also risk prosecution in the event of non-compliance with existing legislation.

The Government is enshrining in law, the requirement for every vulnerable and disabled person to have a PEEP.

The process of documenting a PEEP is time-onerous and presents a major challenge for the Responsible Person managing multiple property portfolios.  Few disabled people have a PEEP but, when they do exist, PEEPs are held in pdf format. This makes managing and updating the information almost impossible.   

The PEEPs application will provide a web-enabled, database approach to digitally identify vulnerable and disabled employees and residents across multiple property portfolios. The application will document a legal declaration for those who do not require, or choose not, to have a PEEP and provide a 24 x 7 ‘hot-line’ for employees and residents to report fire safety issues.

Managers will be able to develop Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) online and manage data collated as part of the PEEPs process. The database approach will enable the procurement of assisted escape devices in a cost-effective manner; tracking of review cycles ensuring that all PEEPs are up to date with relevant information, in addition, to providing real-time information to the Fire and Rescue Services in the event of an emergency.

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