Our PortillonTM platform is a highly secure, Cloud-based, database-driven platform (access anywhere, anytime) supporting multiple applications and gold-standard eLearning courses to deliver the challenges associated with Fire Safety and Building Usage.

PortillonTM, available later this year, gives a one-stop solution to the challenges of ensuring that every building used by employees and residents meets current and future legal requirements throughout its’ life cycle.  PortillonTM will be licensed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), providing:

  • End-to-end digital record management
  • A resident/employee reporting hotline
  • Real-time evacuation information available to Emergency Services
  • A secure immutable audit trail of actions

This approach enables employers and those responsible for building management to meet the legal requirements of the:

The fast development of additional applications and eLearning courses will provide national and international organisations with a powerful suite of applications for building management. 

Stage 1 applications are Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs), Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Access Assessments in parallel with a best-of-breed eLearning application.